Model PCNC-0028-00

High Viscosity Volume range 100 nL to 10 uL

Product summary

The Nanoliter Pipettor High viscosity 8-Channel head with integrated flow sensor is suited for low volume liquid handling, with sample viscosity in the range 0.5 to 25 cP.

The system offers individual channel control for volumes in the range 100 nL to 15 µL and dispenses in non-contact mode.

It operates with a pressurized system liquid, typically in the range of -200 mbar gauge to +1500 mbar gauge. Integration of the head is done using a pressure controller and an motorized priming valve. The tips are individually interchangeable (without need to recalibrate), and can be adapted to the application by choosing the proper tip size.

The system operates through an RS232 communication line. A command set allows setting aspirate and dispense volumes independently for each channel and to retrieve data from the head. Aspirated and dispensed volume, as well as other data for head diagnostic purposes. (alert for clogging, validation of action completion, etc...) are available for each individual dispense.




  • Protein crystallization
  • Array Spotting
  • Nanoliter Liquid Handling


  • Individual channel control
  • Wide dynamic range, 100 nL to 15 µL
  • Validation and reporting for all actions on all channels
  • Contact-less dispense
  • High precision
  • Temperature compensated


Working Principle

Aspiration and dispense of the liquid sample is driven by vacuum or positive pressure. In order to allow high performance at low volumes down to 100 nL, the dispenser uses a system liquid that acts as hydraulic medium to transmit pressure as the solenoid valve opens. The system liquid allows high liquid acceleration, necessary to reach a jetting speed at the nozzle within milliseconds, ensuring clean jet start and breakoff at the valve closure

A pressure controller allows seamless integration of the pipetting head onto a robotic platform. The pressure controller provides several functionalities to ensure that, together with the pipetting head, the system meet the speci? cations.

Besides providing vacuum and positive pressure from internal pumps, the controller offers inlets for external gases CO2 and He, necessary for priming the ? uidic system, degassing and pressurizing the system liquid reservoir. These gases allow to create and maintain a stiff hydraulic system for optimal performance over an extended period of time.

The pressure controller further offers a single communication entry point from the instrument computer and takes care of command broadcasting to the various sub-systems. Automated maintenance routines can thus be easily implemented in the customer application software.

Pipetting System architecture with Nanoliter liquid filled 8-channel head

Download PDF Datasheet:


Sample viscosity:   0.5 to 25 cP

Operating temperature: 10 to 40 °C

Volume range [1]

Aspirate/Dispense:     100 nL to 15



[1] Max aspiration volume depends on internal tip volume.

[2] Max dispense frequency with complete measurement at each dispense, at 1 µL dispensed volume.

[3] User selectable

Precision - Aspirate/Dispense:

100 nL to 1 µL   < 10 %CV

above 1 µL   < 5 % CV


Accuracy - Aspirate/Dispense:

100 nL to 1 µL   < 10 %

above 1 µL      < 2 %


Typical Dispensing speed: 30 to 80 µL/s

Dispense frequency[2]: up to 5 Disp/s

Power Requirements:

Nominal   24V/1.3 A

Communication  RS 232/485

Communication speed[3] up to 115,200 Baud

Weight   1.35 kg