Model PCNC-0001-00

Product summary

The pressure controller allows seamless integration of the line of Seyonic pipetting systems.

It acts as utility module to the pipetting systems, providing vacuum and positive pressure from internal pumps, as well providing  inlets for external gases when required and it regulates the pressure in the system ?uid reservoir, toggles between vacuum and positive pressure levels (aspirate and dispense pressure levels). Furthermore, it provides a main entry point from the customer platform computer, dispatching commands from the serial line to the various sub-systems, such as the pipetting head and the motorized priming valve.

Integrated functionalities include automated liquid degassing, through a Helium sparging process, and handling of additional I/Os.

The system operates through an RS/232 communication line. A command set allows setting aspirate and dispense pressure levels as well as setting additional I/Os and system liquid sparging.


  • Operates from RS/232, 485 and CAN Bus
  • Dispatch commands to sub-systems
  • Manual Operation possible via the front side keyboard


Pipetting System architecture with Nanoliter liquid filled 8-channel head


Download PDF Datasheet:


Operating temperature 10 to 40 °C

Pressure range  -500 to 1500 mbar gauge

Safety valve opens at 2.0 bar

Precision on pressure < 1 %FS


Pressure switching time

Full system liquid reservoir (0.1 L dead volume) switch from

-200 to +500 mbar  < 2 s

+500 to -200 mbar  < 4 s

empty system liquid reservoir (0.9 L dead volume) switch from

-200 to +500 mbar  < 5 s

+500 to -200 mbar < 10s

Power requirements  220 V/1.0 A, 50 Hz

115 V/2.0 A, 60 Hz

Communication  RS 232/485, CAN

Weight   12 kg