Wilmington, Delaware (January 30, 2011) - Dynamic Devices announces the strategic partnership with Seyonic SA of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. With the implementation of Seyonic's Senor Controlled Pipetting (SCP) independent tips as the pipetting base for Dynamic Devices i8 VVP Independent Tip Arm and the new co-development and exclusive distribution of the 96 VVP Independent Volume Head the first air based validated pipetting will be offered in a flexible automation liquid handling robot platform for the Life Science Industry.

Seyonic SA specializes in microsystem technology for measurement and control in laboratory instrumentation. Their core competency is accurate small volume liquid handling in the sub-microliter range. Seyonic develops applications, manufactures components, and assembles and tests OEM instrument sub-systems.  Seyonic was founded in 1998 and is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The company is a spin-off from the Institute of Microtechnology at the University of Neuchâtel.  From thier roots in the silicon wafer industry, the flow sensor pipetting technology was developed for the life science industry out of a need to accurately aspirate and dispense nanoliter amounts of liquid.   For more information, visit www.seyonic.com.

Dynamic Devices is a premier provider of liquid handling robots and lab automation solutions to the life science industry.  We are a recognized leader in motion control, liquid handling, microarray nano technology, high speed rapid prototyping and application development.  With the implementation of  Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) and combinations of standard liquid handling platforms and custom integration services we deliver complete customer solutions.  For more information, visit www.dynamicdevices.com.