Seyonic Collaborations

Seyonic’s technologies and products are integrated in the platforms of leading instrument manufacturers.

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Lynx is the new Dynamic Devices liquid handling platform and is based upon the Seyonic air-based pipetting channels combined with TouchLynx software that integrate all liquid transfer and sample information in one easy to use package.  With the combination of high end linear motors and motion controllers, Dynamic Devices offers a flexible expandable pipetting platform with Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP).  The new VVP independent i8 VVP channels and 96 VVP Independent Volume Head offers validated pipetting right out of the box.  No more need for the development of liquid classes or guide bands for each liquid and each volume, the Lynx delivers validated volumes with the integration of the Seyonic technology and reliable operation.

CrystalJet™ Protein Crystallization Screening Platform

Crystal Jet™ is a prototype ink-jet based platform to perform small fluid volume high-throughput initial protein crystallization screening to identify parameters for subsequent scale-up to diffraction quality crystals. The system can also be used to explore the potential generation of microsized diffraction quality crystals.

The Sciclone inL10 and i1000

Precise 96-channel aspiration and non-contact dispense from 10 nL to 10 µL (inL10 workstation) or from 5 µL to 1000 µL (i1000 workstation). The Sciclone inL10 and i1000 workstations provide accurate, independent, single-channel pipetting for exceptionally low-volume or high-volume applications. Each of 96 independently programmable pipetting heads is capable of detecting microplate well liquid levels and measuring actual pipetted liquid volumes, regardless of temperature or viscosity.

EVOscreen® uHTS Platform

EVOscreen® is an integrated and miniaturized ultra High Throughput Screening system combining high content readout methods with state-of-the-art automation technology. Liquid handling utilizes the innovative technology developed by Seyonic. This results in an extremely broad volume range, starting at 20 nl and ending above 10 µl and unmatched precision (CV < 5 % for almost the entire volume range). With the calibration of the flow sensor being stable for months and furthermore temperature compensated, dispenser to dispenser calibration becomes a time consuming nuisance of the past.

MICROLAB® STAR pipetting workstation

The Hamilton-Seyonic nanopipetting application provides the option of monitoring each pipetting step using patented Seyonic MEMS flow sensors and pipetting technology to detect foam, clogs or insufficient sample liquid during aspiration. The new Nanopipetting system is expected to be most appreciated in the area of protein crystallization sample preparation which uses solvents with a very wide range of viscosities in addition to demanding both 100-400nl and microliter pipetting on the same platform. Fabricators of array chips will also benefit by being able to deposit nanoliter size spots of highly active oligo conjugates on a variety of substrates.

nano25 8-channel pipettor

Hudson’s nano25 is a revolutionary 8-channel pipettor with transfer volumes ranging from 25nL to 10uL. The nano25 has features not found any other benchtop pipettors. It gives users verification and logging of all amounts actually pipetted into every well, and adjusts automatically to different liquid viscosities and flow characteristics. Every nano25 comes with Hudson Control Group’s powerful SoftLinx™ software for easy integration with other automated instruments.